a word spanish slang to decribe someone who is dark or african american...
Yo I heard Kelly was going out with this prieto, from Irvington.
by Gatita June 5, 2006
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means people who are mid black inxico and Latin america.
You're so prieto like color of door wood.
by EDORDOS February 18, 2020
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Simply defined... a BLACK ASS. Used in Puerto Rico, to indicate, the color of the gluteus maximus in an individual, or, to describe, how dirty is the person's ass.
Oye, el novio de Giselle, se cree blanquito, pero mirale el culo prieto!

(Hey, Giselle's man thinks he's white, but, look at his black ass!)
by PR Stallion July 31, 2008
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Abigail is a one of a kind girl, i can’t get over he brown beautiful hair, her brown hazel eyes. it’s just ugh. she’s the most shyest women you’ll ever meet, she usually keeps to herself.
Robert: do you know Abigail prieto?

pedro: who doesn’t, she’s fucking gorgeous.
by anonyounameit September 3, 2021
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Steven Prieto is someone who blows smoke up peoples ass with the intention of lying
Hey let’s go to Tijuana this week im not pulling a Steven Prieto
by Chuck polar bear April 27, 2023
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International measure unit of stress on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most stressed)

Visually measured by looking at the redness on one's face.
Your stress levels are dangerously high, 9 Prietos!

She's so red, she must have 8 Prietos of stress!
by noodlesandoranges April 7, 2017
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The most savage kid in Morton tx. He's the smartest,greatest,and strongest in his little town.
by David moline December 19, 2016
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