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A band from Newark, NJ. They have two albums out, the first one being "I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love"(eyeball records) second one being "three cheers for sweet revenge" (reprise). Vox- Gerard Way, Guitar- Ray Toro, Bass- Mikey Way, Drums- Bob (formerly Matt), and last but not least guitar- Frank Iero.
Yes, Mikey and Gerard are brothers. Singles so far: "honey this mirror isn't bing enough for the two of us", "vampires will never hurt you", "I'm not okay, I promise", "Helena".

Please look into them before being asswipes. I'm not okay doesn't do them justice (not that it's not good) but.. if you want to hear a real MCR song listen to something like " Thank you for the venom" or "our lady of sorrows" or something like that to get a better idea of their sound.
I saw them in october (04') and they were amazing.
My Chemical Romance is an amazing band.
by danyelle January 02, 2005

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A prep is a person that is totally brainwashed by the media. They wear what brands the media tells them to such as A&F, AE, Aero, hollister, express, etc. They basically only listen to mainstream music. They make fun of people who aren't afraid to be themselves otherwise know as individuals. Preps are shallow. They are monkeys --> monkey see, monkey do. The media says something's cool, prep sees, prep thinks it's cool.
As someone else on here said, "preps are the downfall of society". and they are.
THOUGH, there ARE some people that are actually not snobby, wear the "prepy" clothes because they like them, and are smart and not shallow. These people are OK they are nice. They will not lead to the apocolypse like the rest of the preps.
The media says jumping off a bridge is the cool and "in" right now.
prep: Lyk OMG I'm lyk ssooooo jumpin off a briadgee todai. OMGOMG who wantz to com.
by danyelle April 04, 2004

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A pagan religion that focuses around the god and goddess. Wiccans do not have a bible although, some wiccans do keep a "book of shadows". Books of shadows are basically journals filled with expiriences, prayers or spells, and sometimes even things like pictures or poetry. Wiccans do not practice "Black Magic". Wiccans abide by the rule "If it harms no one do as you will". Basically, wiccans believe that if it harms no one ..you can do it, but if it does harm someone then bad things will happen to the wrong-doer threefold. Some wiccans practice alone and others chose to join covens. Covens are groups of wiccans. Wiccan and witch are two seperate words. witch-someone that uses magic. wiccan-someone that believes in the religion wicca and practices magic but abides by the rules of the religion wicca. Contrary to popular belief, wicca is not the oldest religion. Wicca came about roughly, around the 1960s. Although, wicca does draw inspiration from the oldest religions known to man. Please read a lot if you are interested in Wicca. It helps tremendously.
Wicca is a beautiful spiritual path.
by Danyelle June 25, 2005

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A county located in SWPA. It doesn't have much culture and the people in Fayette are very interesting. Walking down a street in Fayette is like walking through a zoo. Come to Fayette if you like interesting, eccentric people, but do not come to Fayette if you like art, music, or large cities. If you are a redneck, older person, biker, poor, tramp, slob, or a cOwGuRL111!! you just might like it in Fayette.
Fayette county is uh.. very diverse.
by Danyelle June 18, 2005

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