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1. Prep girl; preppy girl; girl/woman who is extremely preppy; overwhelmingly preppy female (adj)

2. A "prep girl" is someone who is very nice, in a way, and has a lot of friends or so called 'followers'.
She gets a lot of likes on twitter and Facebook but especially on Instagram.
Prep girls wear makeup, dye their hair, speak positive things, etc. (adj)

3. Weirdly, a prep girl is someone everyone wants to be... Every female, that is... And prep girls are SO nice, that if they make fun of someone or insult someone, their niceness will overcharm it and they'll still make friends. (adj)

4. Even if they're not hot on the outside, most boys still think they are because prep girls' attitudes outshine their looks. (adj)
Did you see that girl's blonde bob? She's such a prep girl!

How about that happy woman we saw at the movie theater? She made me smile... Such a prep girl!

Omg I wanna be that prep girl!

This prep girl is a crazy friend...

Why is everyone friends with this prep girl? Who cares! I'll be her friend, too.
by Nova Mottintine December 26, 2013
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