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Going on vacation specifically to attend a trance festival/event
Person a: I cannot wait for my trancecation next month
Person b: where are you going
Person a: Amsterdam for luminosity
by Mama trance May 17, 2018

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Trancegasm is that feeling when listening to an amazing build up of a trance track. And it just builds and builds and finally as the drop happens your body feels a release.
Friend a: did you want to see john o'callaghan set?
Friend b: of course, last time I saw him, I had multiple trancegasms
by Mama trance November 20, 2018

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Unlocking a new level of wisdom to solve problems that didn't exist prior to dropping acid
Frying friend 1: I love watching the clouds move
Frying friend 2: well, I'm no acidmatician, but those aren't clouds
by Mama trance March 02, 2021

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