n. Candied nuts, usually pecans. Often mixed into butterscotch ice cream.
I bought a sundae with pralines on top.
by ChristopherTheAwesome August 14, 2007
Confection commonly used for ice cream... often made of sugar, nuts, and other goodies.
If Benjamin were an ice cream flavour, he'd be pralines and dick.
by jay dee b January 26, 2005
Praline: A sweat and delicious nut that almost everyone would love.
If I had to pick between Choclate and Vanilla, I'll pick Praline's and Cream.
by Jakob The Brave December 28, 2016
Some stupid fucking e-girl that goes on Teen-Chat.org with no life.
"Have you heard what praline said today?"
"She really called a black girl a Nigger."
by JustAnotherRetard October 31, 2022
A confectionary chocolate truffle made around Europe (Belgium). It consists of good quality chocolate, sugar, nuts, paste of different flavors etc. It can be shaped into any shape (during its process of creation) like hearts. And can be decorated with icing on top. These irresistible treats are great for Dinner, Valentine's Day, a romantic date etc. Although they don't have much recipes on how to make them. They also look elegant.
I made some home made Belgian Pralines for my picnic with my girlfriend. I hope she'll like them.
by TheOutsider998 March 16, 2013
A perfect placed word in any situation
Phillip : so..... praline moist ?
by MoistP September 26, 2018