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1. the girl in your school or hood that everybody uses to fulfill sexual needs and/or desires and nothing else. this girl is not good for a relationship,but is the one who will prepare you for the real world. most men lose their virginity to such a girl.

2. Meg Griffin.
1. "We gonna hook your little brother up with Meg so he can bust his first nut. Check him,though,and tell him that ho just a practice girl."

2. "Meg, you can't be abstinant. You are what the guys call a practice girl."-Peter Griffin
by Dr. Freeze November 20, 2006
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a practice girl is usually a fat/larger/ugly teenage girl whom teenage boys engage in sexual intercourse with for practice/expierence.

Practice girls don't have much social pull, nor does their pleasure matter, so they are perfect specimens for teenage boys to use to "step up" their sexual ability when they practice sex with a better/more attractive girl.
Guy A: "dude, i have a date with Jenn tomorrow night, she is soooo hot! Its just.... i'm worried because i'm a virgin"

Guy B: "Oh dude, just go fuck emily tonight.... she'll be at the party"

Guy A: "No way dude, she's a fat fuck"

Guy B: "So fucking what pussy? She just a practice girl, she doesn't matter"

Guy A: "Niiiiiice"
by Jooordy November 19, 2006
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A woman a guy has sex with not because she's hot or he's in love ect. but for practice to get better at it so he can have a lot of good sex with the hot women. Practice girls are needed and without them sex with the really hot women would be just so so. Most practice are teen women and most guys who make use of them are teen men.
by Deep blue 2012 May 06, 2010
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A girl around 2 or more points lower than you on
It's been a while, I could use a practice girl. I have a half match on HoN and some Viagra, she'll do.
by kermit4 September 05, 2008
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A young woman with whom guys have a romantic relationship in order to better prepare them for the next woman.
Guy 1: I loved that girl. And she dumped me.

Guy 2: Ah, don't let it bother you. Consider her a practice girl.
by Ereck Flowers August 31, 2018
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A girl who has had sex with more than a few guys.
Ty don't think Sara is the wife type she's a practice girl, she is loose,probably has a std, shes def been with more than three guys.
by trutella December 01, 2011
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