11 definitions by Dr. Freeze

1.)the daughter and teen protagonist on Family Guy.
i'd do her til the sun rises over pluto.

2.) Any girl who looks fine but has a f-ed up family you have to deal with.
1.) Damn,man, Meg just called Pater a fat bitch!

2.) She's hot and all, but she's a Meg Griffin beacuse her dad is a f-n retard.
by Dr. Freeze March 7, 2006
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1.That fine coating of something that covers most reality show celebrities. Most recently seen on Tila Tequila and "I Love New York"'s Tiffany Pollard,it makes them appear to be unreal and seems to affect their judgment.

2.What must be on Meg Griffin since she has trouble being somebody on Family Guy.

3. What you smell on most department managers at Wal-Mart.
1. Tila Tequila has gone from erstwhile Internet porn star to pointless reality show diva whith her fine coat of Loser Dust still intact.

2. If the only atterntion Meg Griffin gets is from Neil Goldman, then she must have a fine coat of Loser Dust about her.

3. Joey was held back from being an assistant manager at Wal-Mart because of the obvious coating of Loser Dust he has from working as a department manager for so long.
by Dr. Freeze December 12, 2007
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In formal terms:

"The size of the vehicle in possession of the female owner is inversely proportional to the size of the owner."

Simply put:

"The fatter the bitch,the smaller the bucket that fat ass hoe drives."
Player 1: "My baby mamma whips around town in a Geo Metro."

Player 2 : "That fat bitch?? Damn,ese, what a Kool-Aid Konundrum that is!"
by Dr. Freeze March 8, 2006
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What strip-club owners measure new applicants by. When a girl walks in to a club seeking work, there are certain things she must be able to do in order to be hired. How much she can make the club by doing her thing is known as poletential.
"Now Haley there, she can drop it like it's hot and pick up a dolla bill wit' that snatch. That's poletential,playa. Meg, though,..."
by Dr. Freeze June 18, 2008
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1. the girl in your school or hood that everybody uses to fulfill sexual needs and/or desires and nothing else. this girl is not good for a relationship,but is the one who will prepare you for the real world. most men lose their virginity to such a girl.

2. Meg Griffin.
1. "We gonna hook your little brother up with Meg so he can bust his first nut. Check him,though,and tell him that ho just a practice girl."

2. "Meg, you can't be abstinant. You are what the guys call a practice girl."-Peter Griffin
by Dr. Freeze November 20, 2006
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when you masturbate so much your penis turns red and sore and you are unable to accomplish anything for the next 24 to 48 hours
Man! After watching 26 straight hours of goth-emo porn, I just rusty ventured myself and now I can't even walk!
by Dr. Freeze November 21, 2010
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1. Any person (usually male) who would rather indulge themselves in self-gratification than do actual work,often causing delays in work-related efforts.

2. Wal-Mart management and management trainees.
1. "We will have to wait until the procrastubators in this office get done with themsleves before we can proceed with our latest scam."

2. Nick: " What are you waiting on? The customer needs this item NOW!"
Nack: "I'm waiting for the procrastubators in Management to give me the access key. Right now, they are in another meeting."
Nick: "ANOTHER meeting? Gawd damn, that makes the third one this hour."
by Dr. Freeze October 17, 2007
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