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A stage move preformed by a lead guitarist where the guitarist takes a running start and slides across a portion of the stage on his/her knees. Usually accompanied by a windmill and is preformed sometimes if the guitarist can't work uo the nerve to go for a stage dive
The lead guitarist tried to do a powerslide and slid off stage.
by Xious November 02, 2008
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Throttle-on induced oversteer. Initiating a drift (oversteer) by applying the throttle in a turn enough to make the rear wheels break traction and slide out.
Any car can drift using the handbrake. But you need a rear wheel drive car to powerslide!
by sffjkajakfsk January 26, 2008
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a. The act of a rockstar sliding accross the stage on his/her knees. (Usually accompanied by a powerful scream)

b. The single most powerful weapon in any rocker's arsenal.
Dude, check out that massive powerslide! He totally rocked that stage!

Damn Frederick, that powerslide was the pinnacle of that rockshow performance.

Person one: What can we do to make our band better?
Person two: Bust out the power slide. It's the single most powerful weapon in any rocker's arsenal.
Person one: Yea man, this is why we keep you in the band!
by Ireland914 November 21, 2006
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a term used in motorcycle road racing. an on throttle slide, usually on the exit of a turn where the rider causes the rear end of the bike to step out or oversteer by adding generous throttle. the rear wheel will spin faster than the road speed and cause the slide. in motorcycle stunting, it is usually called drifting and is at slower speeds incorporating the front brake. the technique is also used, in flat track, motocross and supermoto racing.
did you see him powerslide that turn? yeah he lit up the rear for about 50ft.
by pasystm April 07, 2008
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When driving a vehicle at high speed, pull the emergency brake and turn the wheel to the left or right. you have now performed a power slide.
Im going to power slide down the block.
by djtone210 March 02, 2010
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when one slides hands under bra in a strong, fluid motion without un-doing the bra in any way
"dude, i couldn't undo her bra so i just used a powerslide to get under it."
by smhsmm March 21, 2009
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When a rock star like William Hung becomes erect and then, with a running start, slides 10-15 feet across the ground on his knees and is stopped only upon impact of inserting his penis into a choice orifice of girl/groupie bent over on her hands and knees.
My favorite scene in the movie Rock Star was when Mark Whalberg used that kid's slip n slide to power slide into Jennifer Aniston.
by azncutie1994 April 03, 2013
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