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vibrators, bullets, butterflies, licorice stix, purple flirts, etc
I just bought some new power tools at the fun party. Its not small you gotta plug it in the wall.
by Mr. Reality Music May 8, 2008
What myspace junkies use to refer to their excessively inflated list of friends who wouldn't give them an m&m if they were ethiopian.
Def 1:

Homie 1: Dawg, my friendbase is massive, and look how sexy my women are.

Homie 2: How many of them have you met in person?


Man, Rihanna's friendbase has started to dwindle ever since... well, ya'll know what.
by Mr. Reality Music February 26, 2009
Anyone who posses an amount of wealth that is considerably larger than that of their peers can be said to have diddy dough.
Homie 1: "Man, you seen craig pull up in that new 10 til?"

Homie 2: "Yea bruh, he got diddy dough."
by Mr. Reality Music March 7, 2008
A BMW 750. This is in contrast to the BMW 745, which is referred to as a quarter-to-eight
Ex. 1

News reporter: "You've just won the lottery, what are you going to do next?"

Deadbeat dad: "Yea, Imma buy 12 10-tils. One for ever one of my baby mommas."

Ex. 2

Business chick 1: "Girl, what you gonna do for 2008?"

Business chick 2: "Not much really. I'll probably trade in the quarter-to-eight and get the 10-til."
by Mr. Reality Music March 7, 2008
The ring of dirt left around the toilet seat when a dirty ass person gets up off it.
Dude 1: "Man, can I use the bathroom at your house?"

Dude 2: "What's wrong with your bathroom?"

Dude 1: "I hate using it. My older brother always leaves ass-dirt on the seat."

Dude 2: "Awww... that's just gross."
by Mr. Reality Music June 16, 2008
A term describing the point at which a cigar, or blunt can no longer be smoked. This is past the "roach" phase.
Ex. 1

"Man, I smoked it down to the runt."

Ex. 2

homie 1: "Man what happened to pass the blunt?"
homie 2: "My bad man, you still want it?"
homie 3: "No. It ain't nothin but a runt left."
by Mr. Reality Music February 21, 2008
Latina is a femenine derivitave of the male adjective Latino. Latina defines a female with origins in one or more of the latin-american countries (Dominican Republic, most parts of south-america, puerto rico, etc). While most latina's will argue that females of Mexican descent do not fall into the same category as them, this subject is still up for debate. While most latinas are among the most gorgeous women in the world, they are also highly prone to excessive weight gain later in life if they fail to maintain their active lifestyles.
Ex. 1

Dude 1: "Man, I didn't know Jessica Alba was a latina."

Dude 2: "Yea man. I bet you didn't know that Christina Milian was Cuban either?"

Dude 1: "Word?"

Dude 2: "Word!"

Ex. 2

Diva 1: "I hope I age as gracefully as Sade, I know she must work hard at it."

Diva 2: "Yea, she is one sexy ass latina."
by Mr. Reality Music March 3, 2008