A gathering of co-workers or of mostly young male corporate douches (see yuppies) for a 3 hour lunch on the clock that includes such things as a motorcade of Lexus and BMW automobiles, motivational speakers, cheers, steak, and talk about something like the “bottom line” or bonuses or something. Supposedly a motivational event, but usually turns out to be a feast of gluttony and ruined neckties. Newly motivated and encouraged participants are expected to go back to the office and make phone calls and fire off emails and achieve results, but most usually end up at a local boozer and get tanked before happy hour even starts.
“Hey, there’s a power lunch at the Capital Club next Friday.”
“Alright. Their steaks have a terrific marbling, and it’s right next to Moe’s. I wonder if the boss will open us a tab and leave again?”
by Brian September 7, 2006
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Midday meal consisting of alcoholic beverages and little else, esp. in the business/corporate setting.
Carmen and I just returned from an 80s Power Lunch, and I'm totally ready for my meeting with Bob.
by Diplomatt October 21, 2009
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the insult YOU create!!
this new boss can power lunch on my _________ (body waste, shit, poo, diarrhea etc!!)
by michael foolsley May 7, 2011
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