Noun. Atlanta slange for a glass pipe, especially one for use in smoking crystal meth. Also called an "oil burner."
"I don't mind if you use my chalet, but please don't smoke the stem!"
by KXATL March 19, 2009
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Is a French word for cottage or more specially a cottage around the alps. Still in some cases it may refer to any cottage. One important thing to remember is that the t at the end is not pronounce.
Marcus is taking his girlfriend to his chalet near St. Moritz.
by Earl of Warwick July 7, 2017
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A group of people who go to their Leysdown chalet to have sex with each other which sometimes involves incest. A Lot like swinging
Me- shall we go to the Chalet in Leysdown this weekend?

Sister- Only if my old man can come and we all do some Chaleting!
by ninja3000 April 11, 2014
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college dorm or party house where a ton of sexual acts are performed.
jim get all the action because he has himself a risque chalet
by d sin February 9, 2011
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A threesome involving two whites males and an Asian female sandwiched in between. Like the tasty treat, a creamy yellow center jammed between two white crackers.
I had a lemon chalet last night but I never touched the other dude.
by JuBlow June 7, 2010
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Shittiest/ dirtiest restaurant you could work in. Referred to by employees as "Swiss" <-- Because we're cool like that
"I got a job at Swiss Chalet!"

"Aw shit man, I'm sorry."
by employee of swiss December 28, 2007
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When on holiday in a ski chalet, the host which cooks, cleans, organises and generally sleeps with all the guests are chalet bitches.
I went on holiday in St Anton, ate dinner, demanded more wine and fucked the chalet bitches within five minutes.
by Diamondedgedwit March 13, 2010
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