Mlp porn is best porn to get hard to and fuck all 28 of your girls in one night just to be satisfied
Me:Twilight pounding is fucking 28 Girls

Fred: I dont believe it
by Twilight fucker February 25, 2018
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When you assert dominance over a petite chick and turn her upside down and then proceed to pound her.
He just walked in and grabbed her up and put her in the upside down pound cake.
by Xrayted May 23, 2019
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When Allen gets drunk and pounds the shit out of some chick so when she wakes up she feels like she's been in a car wreck. Allen is a badass mo fo and will wreck pound you if he gets the chance when he's drunk, it's a pounding you will never forget because you may need medical treatment.
Damn, that chick looks like she got Wreck Pounded last night!!!
by aa01 May 31, 2012
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Refers to how much "downward burden" a pair of shoes is subjected to when worn by different people of varying corpulence.
Sport-shoes with cushioning air-chambers are the easiest type of footwear to retrofit for measuring the foot-pounds that the shoes are loaded with --- just drill and thread a hole in one of the air-chambers, and then install an air-pressure gauge.
by QuacksO November 04, 2018
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When a single man is offered a pair of used jeans that should fit and he discovers they don't. This discovery prompts the individual to lose forty pounds over a pre-determined period of time, thus beginning the forty pound challenge.
Austin: Hey Ace, try on these pants, if they don't fit I'm gonna toss them.

Ace: Damn, these are way too tight. They would have fit a few years ago, I guess it's time to start a forty pound challenge.
by Tarbargain January 14, 2014
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14.7 ounces.
She asked for a pound, but she was such a bitch I gave her a cunt pound.
by Cranberry Jenkins January 11, 2016
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