Someone who adds drama, stress and confusion to every situation!
Any situation likened to a calm, gentle simmer...irks the hell out of a pot stirrer!
by talk2me-JCH May 05, 2021
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A person who feels it necessary to try and create more drama in regards to a situation/arguement/debate in which they are an outside observer. Usually by way of a comment or statement.
"So then Becka said she thought she saw David with another girl at the mall but he was really at work, she is such a pot stirrer and really needs to find something to occupy her time."
by MaimeJay July 13, 2008
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Someone who adds drama, stress, and confusion to every situation. Everyone ELSE'S situations, that is!
My cousin is always "concerned" about what's happening in my life. But all she does is cause more stress and drama in my life! She is nothing but a pot-stirrer!
by talk2me-JCH February 20, 2021
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When Georgina's gotta be a contrarian at all times, at all costs, no matter what is said
"Good morning everyone"

Georgina, a pot stirrer extraordinaire
"WHATS SO GOOD ABOUT IT. What you know about mornings, huh? Little rise and shinin bitch"
by @DEFAULT December 11, 2019
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