To post up is to chill somewhere. For example, someones home, a street, or any other location.
-Where you at?

-I'm just postin up at my crib.
by Mark Connor December 4, 2008
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1. to hang out or chill somewhere
derived from the Houston rapper Paul Wall
"hey man what are you doing tonight?"
"Hey I'm just postin' up at Tony's tonight."
by kellen l. November 7, 2007
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not just a pose... but a lifestyle. postin up is a privilege not a right. the origin of postin up can't officially be traced but it was believed to be started around the year 3000 B.C. when one posts up they find themselves in a state of relaxation, most of the time arms are folded and back is to a wall. if a wall is not present to "post" on, the postee can still "post up" with their arms folded taking a moderate athletic stance. a postee can not "post up" for more than 1 minute and 17 seconds at a time, violations of this essential rule can result in a loss of post privileges for the rest of said day.
me and my boy wilbert have been postin up in da post up zone.. where you been?
by mattyjthepostuplegend October 9, 2008
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When one has mud butt and is hershey squirting uncontrollably, leading to many trips to the bathroom just to wipe, generally resulting from drinking very cheap liquor
"I shouldn't have drank all that Arrow last night, i've been postin' up all morning"
by TommyK October 19, 2008
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(verb): To make out against a wall; up against a wall.
Guy 1: Hey, where's Jack and Jill?
Guy 2: Probably postin' up against behind the English building..
by Jay Ell October 22, 2007
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The act of going to a public place usually a gas station, street corner, by a deli or convenience store and hanging out and standing in a way so people will know you holding / selling drugs.
Where is GQ go? He is at the station postin up...
by OcalaAwesome April 16, 2013
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