Brazilian Portuguese for cum, sperm.
Also used as an expletive.
Me cobriu de porra.
He covered me with cum.
Que porra é essa?
What the shit/fuck is this?
by Contributor October 16, 2004
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it's a slang for weed in some parts of italy. the word was used as the title for a song by "sangue misto" an italian rap group
hai della porra?- got weed?
by PIERF97 April 13, 2016
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Portuguese word used to express anger; can be translated as “Fuck!”
Mas que Porra é essa?
Porra !
by Kahnaime November 21, 2019
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a great god, always up for any challenge, and known for being the biggest of bullies, wouldn't want to run into a porras on the street, definitely show no mercy. Also known for being great in the sack.
all i said was to get out of the way, and the porras really handed my ass to me...
by great green June 21, 2009
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Slang term for a Portuguese person in South Africa. Possibly originated due to the expletive "Porra!" used by this community.
Hey, Porra! You coming to the braai this weekend?
by gladius August 24, 2012
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A large headed Mexican with an untimely manner for sudden erections, usually lasting around 5 seconds.
He had pulled a "Porras" in the club last night.
by ""K"" December 27, 2016
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Porra loca, may vary as Porraloca, Porraloka or Porralouca.

It's a slang, and basically means a fucking crazy person.

Is the junction of two words: "porra" + a variation of "louca" (loca), which mean respectively "Cum" and "Crazy" in feminine form.
"Porra" is rarily use on day-to-day at it's true mean, normally it's use to curse or such as "fuck" or "damn".
"Louca" means crazy person in feminine form, but no matter the gender of the person you may calls "porra loca" it will always be in the feminine.

It's normaly use to calls you friends who to those crazy stuffs, most of them socially not accepted, but usually end up as good stories.
Person 1: " Miley Cyrus is really a porra loca!" Person 2: "Ah! But I like her!"
by DonnaMarie August 5, 2015
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