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Della is the person you can tell anything someone who is always there for you when you need her the most she can always put a smile on your face and probably the best personality in the world and down right gorgeous.
wow shes so pretty and so kind to everyone shes defensively a Della
by codyandevan September 30, 2017
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Della is a beautiful person! If you ever meet one, consider yourself lucky since they don't come around that often.

Della has a beautiful smile and laugh and a hilarious sense of humour ! Amazing kisser and amazing at other things too ;) She has an awesome rack and bootylicious booty!

The only downside to Della is that she doesn't hang around long! She'll come along and brighten your day and then can leave without saying anything. Della is also very nervous when it comes to relationships! If you ever meet a Della, treat her like a Queen, she'll feel more confident and will probably stay around!
Della is One - of -a - kind !!
by Dellaa June 09, 2018
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A type of person who is always there when someone needs to talk to. A shoulder to cry on. The best damn person someone will meet.
She's a Della because she's been there for all her friends.
by hottiegdude July 01, 2007
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The type of person who is laid back, but can also be very aggressive if need to be. They always try to make others laugh, because they don't want others to end up like them. On the outside they show a huge smile and everything is fine. But deep down they are just hiding their true feelings, like being sad because they think no one will care.
Oh, look at her she is so Della, let's go.

She looks like a Della, poor her.
by Uniparkles September 08, 2013
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Della is very nonchalant. She's the nicest person I've ever met! She's also really funny! It's not the same when you meet a Bella , meet a Della ! Trust me, you'll never regret it. She's friends with everyone. Della is also very pretty, but will never admit it :)
That girl is so nice! She must be Della
by Dellaa June 09, 2018
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Della is often described as petite and cute, sweet, beautiful, gorgeous, smart and full of life. She has an amazing smile and beautiful dark brown eyes. She's very girly - wears dresses almost all of the time. She's a head turner but she doesn't know that she's so lovely. Most girl nowadays are so full of themselves but Della remains humble and very down to earth despite the attention she gets.

She puts a lot of effort when she cares about you. But most of the time, the people she cares about take her for granted.

Della has some minor flaws, like being indecisive and moody. But anyone will tend to overlook these flaws because she has the best personality.

She forgives easily and never hold grudges. The one who wins her heart will be every man's envy. Your time with her will be the happiest you've been in your life. She gives her everything even if you don't deserve her.

Della is the type to be so quick to be nice to someone and so quick to get her feelings crushed .Treat Della the right way.
Andy: Della's turning heads when she walks through the door. She's really a stunner!"

Cory: "But she doesn't even know she's beautiful"
by Dellaa June 09, 2018
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