having sex with someone hard ...thats making them squeal like a pig
Dude...where you porkin this chick next door?
by jr123456789 July 16, 2010
a puerto rican.

someone who is in america but still waves around their little puerto rican flags.
Damn porkins all stand in the middle of the hallway.
by meghan March 12, 2004
The fat guy who gets owned in Star Wars Episode IV
It was hilarious when Porkins died, lol.
by Bocrominated March 31, 2009
Dude, I was about to ask her out when her boyfriend Porkins'd me!

Inspired by that scene from Star Wars: A New Hope - "They came from... behind!"
by Devin E September 9, 2008
A volatile, nymphomaniac hailing from the land of Yorkshire-England. Loves calling people viirgins and eating pies.
‘It was so mental when that porkin punched that guy for being a virgin
by Greencabbage April 8, 2020
Violently having Oral,Anal, or just regular sex.
It's very rough and unrulingly tough endure.

Fun though.
Dude last night I was porkin it so hard she blacked out.
(Girl says during intercourse) OH YES PORK ME HARD AND DEEP!!!
by Larry Mcgrieger May 3, 2008