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Noun. American.
When referring to chicken, especially fried chicken. Phrase coined by David H. Stocky, and known as "The last part of the chicken over the fence!"
The very crunchy part of the chicken, apparently in relation to it's hind quarters.
When I was a kid, my favorite peice of chicken had the popes nose because of it's extra crunch!
by Amy Bugbee June 28, 2004
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The fatty rump of a chicken, from whence the tail feathers come. Obviously an anti-Catholic gibe. The part that goes over the fence last.
by octopod May 22, 2004
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In the immortal words of David H. Stocky, "It's the last part of the chicken over the fence".
Pertaining usually to fried chicken, it is the extremely crispy , heavy skin piece, indicitive of the chicken's hind quarters.
When dad laid down the chicken bucket, I always grabbed the crispiest peice, and it was usually the popes nose. Mmmm crunchy!
by Amy Bugbee June 27, 2004
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Having to shit so bad it feels like you already started a little early.
C'mon, how long are you going to be in the bathroom? I got to shit so bad i've got a popes nose.
by Bangoskank January 01, 2010
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The pointy end of a submarine sandwich. Characterized by its lack of meat, cheese, or any yumminess whatsoever; it is dry, sad, and hard to chew.
"My BFF offered to go halvsies on a chicken parm sub, but she hogged the middle and left me with the Pope's nose."
by CatHandcuffs August 16, 2015
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