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Popping is a party dance and Funkstyle created by Sam Solomon aka Boogaloo Sam, out of Fresno, California in the mid 70's with the West Coast Funk movement.

The quick tensing and releasing of muscles, often the arms,legs,back,chest and neck which creates a POP effect is popping. Designed to be done on beat. see popping

Locking is a funk dance created at the early 70's by Don Campbell There was a dance that was popular at the time called the Funky Chicken. Don Campbell didn`t know how to perform this dance properly because every move he did, he used to "lock" his arms. Then the people would say to him: "Do the Lock, Campbell". He created some more moves and patterns and called his new dance "Campbellocking" or just "Locking" for short. see locking

Locking involves a lot of pauses, wrist rolls, bounces, and points.
-whatcha gonna do at the show
-the usual, bboy, pop and lock, just dance ya know.
by Mrboogie23 November 19, 2004

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break section of a record or song. The word “break” means the short section of a record that can be looped on a sampler to create a longer, seamless piece of music from this one section. The term derives from the “breakdown”, a part of the funk or disco records where most of all the other instruments drop away, leaving the drummer, or maybe the drummer and percussionist, or drum and bassist, to play their parts unaccompanied. This provides an instant rhythm section to create a new tune from!
These breakdowns came from the 60’s and 70’s funk production and artists like James Brown, who invented the use of the third beat. Before James Brown all popular music has been using a straight 4/4 time beat. Using the beats in between is what made it funky.
Hey man have you heard the break in Jimmy Castors Its Just Begun?
by Mrboogie23 November 19, 2004

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