In the age of internet phenomena few sites can boast the same popularity of pootube, the unique and inventive website that allows visitors to surf through user generated video content featuring largely poo and its related activities.
Wow the guys down at the office will love this video I found on pootube last night, it really pushes back the boundaries of perception
by Planet gib October 7, 2007
a word which describes a woman's butthole after it has been used for anal intercourse and then emptied of fecal matter. a greasy sloppy mess of jizz and poop mixture resulting in ultimate swamp ass.
dude, i had anal intercourse with amy last night and she got real bad pootube
by Che T July 14, 2012
When your sitting on the toilet taking a poo while watching YouTube
my favortive afterschool activity is to pootube!
by Anonymous 3054 June 30, 2017
The act of browsing and watching youtube videos while sitting on the toilet.
Usually achieved by using a mobile or laptop.
Friend 1: BRB need the loo

(15 mins later)

Friend 1: Back

Friend 2: What took you so long

Friend 1: Sorry dude. Was Pootubing
by Trippy_xD March 31, 2011
Enjoying youtube while taking a poo
Matt: Hey Joe, where you going

Joe: Going to do some PooTubing
by Ferris Mcfly March 29, 2011