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when your infant poops while in the jolly jumper/bouncer and continues to jump until said poop is noticed.
OMG honey, get me the wipes quick...we have a pooptastrophe!
by sgtvdub January 20, 2009
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Your getting ready to leave to a VERY IMPORTANT appointment and your running very late all you have to do is put the baby in the carseat and you"ll be ready to go. You go to reach for the baby and boy oh boy does he stink! You notice there is poop down his leg, up his back, on his hands, on the floor...POOP EVERYWHERE! EVEN ON YOU NOW! AHHHHHHHHH!! The more you attempt to remove his clothing the messier he gets, It is smearing EVERYWHERE! AHHHHH!!!

A disinfectant bath and a complete change of clothes is a MUST! Go ahead and throw ALL his clothes away, it truly IS that bad! HOLY CRAP, IT EVEN GOT ON HIS SHOES TOO! AHHHHHHH!!
Sorry I'm late we had a POOPTASTROPHE!

Sorry we did not make it, one word: POOPTASTROPHE!
by MomaMis May 01, 2009
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The event of someone crapping their pants and there's a big mess.
Sorry we're late. There was a pooptastrophe with one of the kiddos.
by aggy384 December 09, 2017
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