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poobert is a god to some. he is everywhere and anywhere always. poobert. in his raw form, poobert is a worm with a top hat. however he can transform into anything. poobert is most known for stealing eggs and lungs. pooobert.
person 1: poobert took my lungs

person 2:

person 1:

person 2: (revealing himself to be poobert) GIVE ME YOUR EGS
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by POOBERTISEPIC October 06, 2018
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A glowing white girl with bright orange hair that continuously wins the peuter medal (last place) at the board game "sorry." Abbreviations include; Poob, Poobizzle, Poob-mista, Poobie, and The Great Poob.
"Wow Poobert that sucks, you lost again!"
"Run Poobie, run!"
by Mike Rotchburns 1000 June 10, 2008
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