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poobert is a god to some. he is everywhere and anywhere always. poobert. in his raw form, poobert is a worm with a top hat. however he can transform into anything. poobert is most known for stealing eggs and lungs. pooobert.
person 1: poobert took my lungs

person 2:

person 1:

person 2: (revealing himself to be poobert) GIVE ME YOUR EGS
by POOBERTISEPIC October 6, 2018
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A PR is the art of doing a panty raid. Generally taking place around 2:32 Am, this can be perfected and performed without errors. During a panty raid, a group of men take part in stealing one singlular woman’s panties. The men may do whatever they please with panties.
Chris: Yo jake want to idk maybe meet me at the crown plaza at 2:32 AM for a PR
Jake: oh why yes i would love to take apart of this PR you keep speaking of.

2:32 AM
At the crown plaza

Jake and chris about to do a panty raid: oh boy i can’t wait to do this pr
by POOBERTISEPIC April 25, 2019
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