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A pained, condescending look upon an individual's face that is suggestive of someone who is extremely constipated. This expression usually becomes more prominent when the individual engages in a conversation that he or she believes to be beneath their self-perceived level of intelligence.
Despite the fact that Steve always looked as though he had to shit, he came down with a serious case of poo-poo face when asked how to use the software.
by Gunfreak Gus October 01, 2011
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Alright, so a poo poo face is commonly known as a person whos being special/retarded/ or just plain messed up. Commonly known as a stupid comeback to your close friends.

Poo Poo faces are ranked. there is the MEGA poopoo face, and the original semi poopooface. Mega poopoo face is the president of poopoo faces and the semi poopoo face is the vice president.
DO NOT USE ON PEOPLE YOU DONT KNOW. they will either laugh at you or beat you up.
Marcin: Hey Marta! Guess what!
Marta: i donno what could it be this time?
Marta: oh really? well your the MEGA poo poo face! OWNAGE!
Marcin: ( sigh ) oh nooo, ive been defeted...
by Poopooville March 12, 2011
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