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1. In L.A. gang culture slang, a wannabe.

2. In sports, an athlete who excelled as an amateur(high school, college, etc.), but when they turned professional, failed to live up to the expectations.
1. "Your own barrio doesn't back you up, they just look at your ass and call you a poo butt."
- Kid Frost, "La Raza"

2. Adam was the bomb in college, but when he went to the NBA, he got straight dominated. What a poo butt.
by D.L. Crosse February 01, 2007
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n. A condition characterized by itching and discomfort of the anus resulting approximately 30 minutes after a less than satisfactory wipe job.
I hate to take a dump at the gym because the toilet paper is terrible and I always end up with poo butt.
by Intergurls December 22, 2008
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1.a member of the male species homosapien (dependent on era), characterized by an perennially dirty quality (not unlike pig-pen from chuck brown)
2. a male who always forgets to shower and has no good excuse for his dirty appearance or nauseating smell.
Rick used to come over uninvited to my friends house with a dirty face and clothes. He'd glare at you because you were clean. He was such a poobutt.
by jedodiah November 20, 2008
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being scandalous, slutty, creepy or generally just being a nasty person.
I can't just go poobutting around with with strangers, especially ugly ones!
by boarder123 January 09, 2013
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someone who is stuck up . who believes they are above it all.have or think they have tons of money.treat people like dirt, snotty. my live in ritzzy area of town.they are also rude
she walks in to a store , like wal mart, . an employee walks near the woman , asks if she need help, woman looks at her like she smells fart and says nothing. employee says under breathe , what a poo butt !!!!
by april hickman April 18, 2006
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The typical definition for somebody that goes by qz purp.
Man I really played like poobutt that game, let my qz purp come out.
by Lee Waliczek June 11, 2018
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