Riding a pony mean to date someone that is much shorter than you
Look Lisa is riding a pony
by Jeffwashere April 29, 2016
When someone makes a valid point in a conversation.
J: “makes a valid point
K: that’s hair pony!
by Hairpony4life January 6, 2021
a master. just a master at satire....to the point you confuse all the other masters.
Rhonda: That guy over there, standing in front of the burning man statue being grumpy is a total snarkle pony.

Jess: No, dear, it's a performance arts piece. He's being a satire pony.
by Misandrist August 20, 2015
Long hair that is half up and half down.
Look at that girl over there with the princess pony, she looks like a real life princess.
by Vanbridg October 12, 2017
He was not amused to see that her wonderpocket had given him a smelly wet pony.
by catalys July 25, 2018