1. noun. game played on atari... one of the first games ever.
2.verb. to get an apple (preferably a red one though green ones work too) whipped at your nuts at more than 55 mph.

(definition 2 was created in per. 4 lunch at my school. jake and zak were throwing an apple back and forth and then gabe stood up and rafial stole the apple and threw it as hard as he could. it proceeded to hit gabe right in the nuts. mike fell on the floor laughing... from that day forth... pong was invented.)
1. "when i was your age i didnt play gta 3... i played PONG!" said dad.

2."why are you here?" asked the nurse. "i got ponged" retorted mike as he gell to the ground wincing in pane.
by killerinstinct456 July 15, 2006
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A prehistoric video game for the Atari Computer System in which the player held a paddle with a wheel, and one single button. The goal was to get the pong ball past the opponent's paddle. One of the simplest of all video games, but, still had the potential to piss the player off more than you will ever imagine unless you pick up the controller and try it for yourself.
"Hey dude, I got out my Atari do you want to play some pong?"

"Nah, too hard man.. that son of a bitch always beats me, I never win."
by Pudspitjr September 13, 2008
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The pungent stench of midget shit.
Pongy: To smell like midget shit.
Carnivals are pongy.
The passed out midget stuck of pong.
by Rick November 23, 2005
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Post Operation of Nightly Goneness, Use in the morning after partying it up and you are still feeling it when you wake up.
Im soo P.O.N.G from last night its craziness.

Grace is alwayed P.O.N.G when she wakes up at my house.
by geenyi December 02, 2006
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A furry little panda-like creature that resembles a human being in many ways. The creature is not all fun and games though, when he is taken away from his food he becomes a ravaging extreme bezerk panda with only blood on his mind.
*Opens Newspaper*
Oh my, thats gruesome.. his eyeballs have been chewed up.. his legs are gone. Served him right though, he tried to steal chips from a PONG.
by Thealmightyon3 October 02, 2004
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a small wooden penis found behind liquor stores.
Today I found a pong at THE LIQUOR BOX.
by Mr.cooJ October 24, 2006
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