Pomosexuality refers to a nonorientation in which people disregard sexual labels altogether. In the world of pomosexuality, the superficial orientation identifications (a.k.a. gay, straight, etc.) are insignificant and not what people should accord to.

Stems from postmodern sexuality.
"Gay/Straight Alliances were the first step toward unification, but they weren't enough. What if neither gays nor straights existed, and were all simply called people? With pomosexuality, there is less reason for division in the world."
by G. Thomas March 3, 2007
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When an individual has no affinity for any sex, only love for pomegranates.
*picks up pomegranate*

*Girl walks in*

"NOT AGAIN! How the fuck did you get in my house?...Damn pomosexuality"
by slicedkiwis September 27, 2013
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Pomosexuals live life a step beyond the superficial labeling humans define their sexuality by. One does not necessarily "know" another merely because they are both straight, lesbians or bi; pomosexuals take this into account, and disregard the orientation label altogether for better unification.

It should be noted that pomosexuality itself is not a defined sexuality. On "the list" of orientations to choose from, it is the equivalent of selecting "N/A."
"I'll start the day doing homework, eat lunch at In-N-Out Burger and finish the day at work. Confused about which sexuality I belong? Ah, it is great to be a pomosexual."
by G. Thomas March 3, 2007
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1. Pomosexuals (postmodernism sexuals) are individuals who challenge assumptions about gender and sexuality.

2. A mentality in which heterosexual women can identify themselves as gay men and gay men can identify themselves as lesbians (or any other combination you can think of).

3. Argues that categories and words can't do justice to the complexity of human sexuality.
Bobby is such a pomosexual. He's a straight man who calls himself a lesbian.
by Taya July 5, 2005
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A portmanteau of pomo, short for postmodernism, and sexual, used as a noun—a person who rejects/avoids or does not identify as categorizations of sexual orientations (e.g., heterosexual and homosexual, which define people by relative conceptualizations of their sexual preferences and their direction of attraction) as a form of identity—and as an adjective, referring to such a person or to the philosophy of pomosexuality .
Elisa: What's your sexual orientation, john?

John: I do not identify as any sexual orientations labels.

Elisa: But, everyone is either pan/omni , bi, straight, gay, or an asexual.

John: None of them works for me and I refuse to use a label to define my sexual preference. I am a pomosexual.
by Reptillian February 10, 2013
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Pomosexual is a term popularized by sex-positive activists and writers Carol Queen and Lawrence Shimel in their 1997 Anthology "Pomosexuals: Challenging Assumptions about Gender and Sexuality". People who identify as Pomosexual are attempting to redefine, reassess and protest current essentialist-bound labels surrounding sexual orientation.
"What ARE you?"..."Excuse me?"..."Like...what ARE you?"..."I'm a human being, what does it look like?"..."yeah but...what ARE you?"...I'm POMOSEXUAL, okay!?!"
by GummiBarenGirl October 7, 2007
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Like the current use of "queer," but for assholes.
Adam: "I used to think I was bi, but I realized that sexuality is so much more complicated than that. What does that make me?"

Dave: "Queer?"

Adam: "But I'm also a sesquipedalian circumloquacious obscurantist douchebag, and I want to keep my liberation confined to the academically privileged."

Dave: "Oh! You're totally pomosexual."
by Colorless green idea January 19, 2010
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