A word to refer to a social issue that already has a public interest element, thus, is already political in character, but is used to give a negative implication to someone else wanting to examine the interests at stake.
We shouldn't allow the opposition to politicize this issue.
by Tom September 8, 2004
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to make people and orginizations more politically active
She wanted to politicize the organization and give it more strength.
by SeattleRose July 30, 2006
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1. to discuss politics
2. to cram your political opinions down someone elses throat.
"Politicizing" very well describes the horrible plague brought on urbandictionary.com by the childish liberals and conservatives.
by Jesiah February 24, 2004
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The act of voting in a politic election simply based on religion, sex, or ethnicity. One who practices politicism is called a politicist. Being a politicist might tie in with also being a racist or sexist.
Some people believe the reason that Oprah and Tyra supported Obama is because they were being politicist, comitting an act of politicism.

Lady: I'd vote for Obama if this were a male election but my feminist instincts tell me to go with Hilary.
by sagesunDae February 12, 2008
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Verb: To become politically active and engaged in current affairs.

Noun: One who is politically active, aware, and engages themself in current affairs and government
Verb: "I think the economy is all Greenspan's fault"
"Dont try to politicize if you have no idea what your talking about"

Noun: "I saw Shipper down by the capitol today, that kid is such a Politicizer"
by Fresh'n Up August 22, 2009
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The Act of legislating or creating regulations or calling for investigations based on pleasing a critical special interest group and it's lobbyists whose financial or ballot box support is necessary for re-election.

This is in lieu of the harder work of non politically determining what legislation, regulation or investigation is really in the best interests of the nation. Tough job but necessary and proper roles stipulated in our form of representational government rather than a pure democracy.
Bipartisan Politicism: Special tax laws to help the rich delay or avoid paying taxes on various forms of income, including salary, contract, investment and estate and wealth transfers. There is an abundance of these laws and regulations that benefit only the rich and powerful who can afford to exploit the rewarding opportunities with highly paid advisers to help them.

Republican Politicism: During the Bush administration on the heals of the so-called dot com and tech driven stock bubble bursting, along with an incipient recession and the financially and emotionally devastating attacks on the World Trade Center of 9/11, ordinary income tax rates were reduced for all and large cuts in capital gains taxes were enacted and preferential taxes such as taxing performance based ordinary income of hedge fund managers, not owners, at much lower capital gain rate given to those who put money at risk, was allowed to remain in force. Arguably helpful as a financial stimulus all the while adding to the national deficit, arguably too large and generous but in-arguably beneficial most directly to the rich who do pay most of the taxes.

Democratic Politicism: HR3200 House Bill to reform health care included a public option to keep the insurance companies honest, by creating government competition to the insurance industry. Arguably a way to provide competition intended to lower insurance costs, arguably a way to eventually create government dominance to phase into a single payer system proponents really want immediately, but in-arguably creating a larger role and likelihood of politicized government control over business in a manner not unlike the government sponsorship of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, a duopoly which cornered an intermediary and defining role in the mortgage market for decades as a PRINCIPAL rather than more properly as a facilitator or insurer in a manner similar to the FHA, the VA or the FDIC.
by Chief Hypocrite August 23, 2009
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When a person lashes out about an issue and when asked if they could define it, they are unable to do so. Their action is therefore tantrum politicizing.
A person posts an article with raging comments, with a tone of throwing a fit.

Question: "What it is it that upsets you so much about the president?"
Statement: "I like a sane president".

Follow up questions: "Can you define what a sane president means to you"?
Answer: crickets....or "go and play some music....don't bother to comment...bye...."

The person is tantrum politicizing.
by Sasulka June 6, 2020
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