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1. the fall of any kind of freedom of speech in any situation people who come up with rules guided by political correctness are pathetic and disgusting beyond belief the world would be better off without them.

2. A muslims best friend - basicly put in place to allow a muslim to get their way in any situation or bypass any law by claiming something offends them. political correctness like this is masturbated over by the UK Government.
1. In some parts of Britain people have not been allowed to celebrate christmas because it 'offends' muslims and schools often dont celebrate other seasonal holidays like easter in favour of a 'celebration day' for all religions. despite the fact that they try to lick all foreigners (sorry i mean ethnic minorities) arses they only manage to patronise them. This is further proved by the government wanting to change the lyrics of ba ba black sheep to ba ba rainbow sheep so that it doesnt offend blacks. literally retarded.

2. Muslim: blah blah blah blah allah blah blah infidel blah blah *claims benefits and large house for his 17 children and 4 wives (all paid for by taxpayers)*
UK Government: "Good god what have we been doing we are offending these poor helpless people! *Calls vote to change the first language of Britain to arabic and demolish all churches to build mosques*

political correctness a makes me feel physically sick
by Theodore T. Bag January 29, 2009
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