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1. An impossible class that results in sleepless nights, ruined GPAs, failing grades. Death. But it will teach you more about history, economics, culture, social hiearchy, politics and you guessed it ... history than any other class - if u make it out alive. Usually taken by sophomores who don't know how hard AP classes are, but honestly the first AP is always hell so it's usually better just to get it over with. Also the exam is much easier than the class.
Grade in Class: C
Grade on AP World History Exam: 5
by Trinu October 13, 2006

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American Civil Liberties Union
Does just what its name says: supports civil liberties and constitutional rights
In more words it Supports:
-SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE- this stance tends to generate controversy b/c many people think they are trying to stop religious expression by the people when they are really trying to keep the government's nose out of religion and actually defend religious freedom (see below)
-*GASP* FREEDOM OF RELIGION- Yes, the ACLU defends people (including *GASP* Christians) who have been denied their rights to religious expression (two recent cases are an elementary school student who wanted to sing Awesome God at a school talent show, and a high school student whose senior quote was a verse from the Bible.
-FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND PRESS- (They even support the free speech rights of NAMBLA and the KKK, which some people mistakenly think this means they support the message; they do not, they just affirm that these groups have the right to speak out peacefully about their beliefs). The ACLU has also criticized the government for censoring "obscene" materials
-FREEDOM FROM CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT- they oppose police brutality, prison rape and other prison abuse, and (controversially) the death penalty
-FREEDOM FROM UNREASONABLE SEARCH AND SEIZURE AND RIGHT TO DUE PROCESS - Many people think this makes them favor terrorists; however if there was enough evidence to charge the "terrorists" with crimes, why doesn't the government do it? Also remember people said the same thing about Japanese Americans in WWII, and back then the ACLU was the ONLY major national organization to oppose the internment camps
-EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW- gay rights (including marriage), rights of the poor, racial and gender equality, transgender rights and youth rights - they oppose curfews and rules that require u to be an "adult" to buy porn/see R-rated movies (see free speech too)
For more information on the ACLU u can go to one of its two websites:

Or look it up on wikipedia
by Trinu January 10, 2007

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Dislike, fear, hatred, and/or disapproval of gays and/or homosexuality, often (but not always) for religious reasons or because of insecurity about one's sexual orientation.
Many people who suffer from homophobia do not realize it and even deny it. Others will kill gays or accuse them of molesting children.
by Trinu October 31, 2006

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1. Disgraced Rpublican Representative from Florida who resigned after it was revealed that he sent sex messages to a 16 year old page. Worked on Child Protection Committee. Gay guy who voted to ban gay marriage. Covered for by Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert. GOP leaders and pro-"family" groups were quick to blame to scandal on gay people, proving that they really are homophobes.
GOP Leader: We were afraid if we stopped Mark Foley from preying on teenage boys we would be accused of gay-bashing,
Person with common sense: You've never been afraid of hurting gay people, plus the boy was 16 with a 53 year-old man for crying out loud!

Pro-"family" advocate: Mark Foley proves that gay men hurt little boys.
Person with common sense: You're a homophobe
by Trinu October 13, 2006

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1. stopping the free flow of art and ideas.
For those of us in the US we do NOT enjoy the right to free speech (even though it is in the constitution). The supreme court ruled in the Miller case that "obscene" materials are not protected under the 1st amendment and can be banned or regulated; translation: regulated censorship is constitutional thanks to a few activist judges who wanted the government to impose its morality on us. Basically if the subject or content is sexual in any way then whether its obscene or not is up for majority vote; they actually said if the average person would be offended by it and think that it had no artistic value (if you weren't offended by it or thought it was a work of art why would you want to ban it in the first place). This is why it is illegal to give porn to minors, because it shows sex even though this should be decided and enforced by the parents the government is getting involved. Also there's no law against showing violent material to minors, so basically its worse to expose them to consensual sex than murder.
by Trinu December 27, 2006

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When police use excessive or otherwise unwarranted force against an often (but not always) innocent person. The victims are usually blacks, Muslims, and/or students. Often times the police department will investigate (oftentimes part of a cover-up) just enough to say they did with no real effort to punish the officers involved,letting them off with a reprimand or a months suspension for what would be a felony for the rest of us. If the officers involved are prosecuted the prosecutors will usually conduct just enough of a prosecution to say the officers were prosecuted or the officers friends in the department will hamper the prosecution, which often relies on the police department for evidence.
In an act of police brutality the UCLA campus police tazed a Muslim student as he lay helplessly paralyzed and handcuffed on the ground, because he refused to stand up. They said there actions were necessary to protect the safety of UCLA students.
by Trinu December 27, 2006

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Two words most people don't know the meaning of. It doesn't mean "innocent." It just means that there wasn't enough to prove the person guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, in most cases the person probably did it because in order to get to the trial phase you have to be indicted by a court. The police need probable cause and a warrant to arrest you in the first place, unless the officer arresting you actually saw you do it. Also if there is no evidence the judge has to dismiss the charges.
The jury found the defendant "not guilty" even though they knew he probably did it because the prosecutor didn't prove he was guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.
by Trinu November 15, 2006

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