an acronym which stands for "Piece of Junk" It can be used as a verb in the case of when someone is messing with you. Most of the time, it is just used when you are frustrated, just call someone a POJ and you will feel better
You're a POJ!

Quit POJing me!
by Quapie June 13, 2011
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The word Poj is derived from the term "Joji Poji: Master of the Pojs." A Poj is a short, yet plump-bellied mythical creature that looks like a mix between a koala and a panda bear.
Josh: What the fuck is that?

Joanna: it's a Poj, dude.
by Dickhead42 May 21, 2015
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(POJ) Pussy Outside Jeans - the action of vigorously rubbing the outside of a female partners jeans with the hand during a makeout session to achieve sexual arousal. Typical during the early phase of dating and among younger people.
Dude, I was making out with Tina last night and totally got her off with a little POJ.
by beermooch November 02, 2018
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Short for "Protector of Justice"
Pronounced paw-geh

A POJ is someone who lives by true moral standards and will always lean towards the side of justice and doing the right thing. Being declared a POJ may seem as a compliment to some, but usually it is used in a negative way to brand someone as a "fun killer." A POJ will usually block any sort of mishap or joke that is considered a "dick move."
1. Nick: Ivan totally stopped me from posting nude pics of Stacey in the hallway!

Julian: F**KING POJ!

2. POJ's don't sleep, as long as there's a joke to shit on!
by Phat Kat 2ill4yall October 19, 2009
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accronym of Piss On Jeans. This usually occurs as one stands much to close to a wall, fence or any flat surface when urinating, causing inherent 'splash-back'. most likely to occur when seeking relief' after/during a night of heavy drinking when one is in a state of inebriation.
dude, you just POJ'd it on the TD Bank building...shit.
by ajd August 29, 2004
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short form for "piece of junk"
A term used to type how your feeling about some object, faster because you cant actually type any faster then 25 words per min. Or used buy someone who took a typing class in high school but skiped it soo much he/she scraped by and barly passed and now is too lazy to learn how to type w/o looking at the keyboard.
"also see POS"
"You get to drive my POJ car cause today im taking the BMW"
by Jeff Currie November 14, 2003
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