1. One who speaks made up poetry to you while you are sitting in the bathroom.
2. One who writes made up poetry on the bathroom walls.
I am the shithouse poet, as if you didn't know it... I came here to sit and think, but alas all i've done is shit and stink.
by Johnny July 16, 2004
When you think you have grown out of laughing at things on bathroom walls, then are not only laughing about the thought, but are truly inspired to write something.
I was waiting, ass clenched in my truck while getting unloaded

Now I'm thanking god for this outhouse or my ass would have exploded

*example of what a Shithouse Poet would write
by The Lost Truck Driver August 22, 2010
Another name for Friday to be used in a work environment.
Based on the acronym for "Piss Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday."
"Are you leaving already? It must be Poets day!"
by 7Hz January 10, 2005
Someone who writes really well under the influence of drugs.
He drank four red-bulls with his ADHD medication when he wrote that A+ essay. He's some sort of chemical poet.
by Slim Daniels March 1, 2007
Poets who broke through in the post WWII years and tried to change human thinking via verse. Usually deals with contemporary culture and issues. Short for Beatnik poet.
Whilst researching poetry, I found Jack Kerouac and many other Beat Poets.
by Sladisphere March 20, 2015
A member of Facebook who posts content similar to the following:

1. Song lyrics. (esp. Bob Dylan, Phish ect...)

2. The one liner. Example: member name is loud and ready to party.

3. Any non-sense text that is not original. Example, google quotes - copy - paste - FAIL. Hearts. Smiley face. Anything with no real meaning.

A Facebook poet could also be regarded as an attention whore.
Examples of a Facebook poet:

John Smith is ready to PAR TAY

John Smith "Leigh found out she was ready to roam
47 days and the coal came home Taste the fear For the Devil's drawing near Taste the fear For the Devil's drawing near" ~ Phish

John Smith <3
by SWaulkeer January 25, 2010