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Poams is an abbreviation for , Pissed Off At Men Syndrome.
pissed of at men syndrome occurs when a person has been fucked over by men so many times that they are convinced that all men are swine. one may result, depression, eating disorders, extreme alcohol and drug use, irrational behavior such as, fucking and chucking everything that is willing and or able, shutting all men out of their lives, extreme lesbianage, and in some cases women are known to remove their own clitoris in attempts to completely diminish any desire for sexual behavior. unfortunately there is not a known cure for poams , it can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 30 years , some may never overcome it.
jess ¨ladies , ive got a mad case of poams. we need to go out and drown our sorrows in ridiculous levels of alcohol. i want to get so drunk i forget his name, so drunk i forget every man thats ever fucked me overs name, so drunk i forget your name ! fuck it, im getting so drunk i forget my own name¨
by jbibes August 09, 2011
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A poem, but written horribly and often found as a venting for teen angst.
The title said 'look at mai poams' so I didn't even bother clicking.
by Laverne Terres December 19, 2005
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someone who is a POAM is classified as a Pig Of A Man. Meaning they are ugly and they look like a pig.

A female would be a Pig of a Woman. POAW
Your are a Poam
by Poppa 22 August 28, 2008
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