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1. the female sex regions
2. sexual intercourse with female.
3. a woman or girl o being viewed as a sex object or for sex.
5. a insult meaning asshole or fucker.
that plytsel of hers was delicious

my sister is such a plytsel!
go fuck yourself you plytsel.
she was such a good plytsel last night in bed.
by pussyluv300 May 15, 2018
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1. a vagina
2. a woman or girl..

3. sexual intercourse.
my plytsel opened 10 meters.
them chicks was some hot plytsels..
we end up having some plytsel in the hotel room.
by newunit300 January 23, 2018
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1 another word for a elephant.
2. mostly used to call men who are slimy an stupid.
3. A woman's vagina.
4. a shitty or unpleasant person.
we went to the elephant part an watched a plytsel give birth.
i ate that plytsel last night.
dave is being such a plytsel.
i cant believe the plytsel cheated on me after 2 years.
by bycuntdectective August 05, 2018
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1. somebody who is being a total dickhead, twat, or jackass. etc.
2. a derogatory slang word for a female person.
3. a female regarded as the girlfriend or wife in the marriage/relationship.
4. A woman's genitals.
5. a female elephant.
will u please sit down an stop acting like a fucking plytsel'
john: i got a feeling Julie might be a plytsel
billy: why
john; she be going around sashaying the hallways

billy; indeed.
by cumtwat23 July 20, 2018
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