when someone says/does the opposite of what you want.
Biju: Let's go clubbing!

Falisha: Girl, no.
Biju: Ugh, plug ass.
by xMami July 17, 2015
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Plug placed in ones ass after severe ass ramming to keep fecal matter from exiting unbenknowst to the fag that got rammed in the ass too hard.
Chris got rammed in the ass so hard that he had to get a box of double X ass plugs to keep his hershey squirts from squirting all over his crab collection.
by Yo mamma February 26, 2004
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To "plug the pig's ass" is to set in motion a chain of events which will result in an unfortunate, disastrous or hilarious outcome to the person plugging the pig's ass.

in slang: to plug the pig's ass is to fuck yourself over
If Jim were to screw his boss' wife and then brag about it at work, we could say:
"Jim really plugged the pig's ass on that one!"
by krimsen January 16, 2005
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What you say when ever you want to insult someone or threaten them
Todd: Dude, don't tell her off!
Fred: Nigga I'll plug dat ass up!
by yomommasman17 December 1, 2011
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A red neck ass plug such as a pop bottle or other object.
Randy used his water bong as an Alabama Ass Plug on suzy.
by desperate August 3, 2006
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What a person has after he/she has revieved after they get genital warts on their anus, from anal sex.
In health we had to look at a picture of Big Gay Al's cauliflower ass plug. It was fucking disgusting.
by phi April 25, 2004
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When an experience, usually in a video game, frustrates you into an inner rage that you can do little or nothing about.
I have to play online for this achievement? I'll probably have to deal with guys who cheat and spam moves just for a win, but I guess it's worth it to plug my ass with hate for another point on my Gamerscore. ass hate video game plug
by wallbie August 17, 2015
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