Character shields (also known as plot armor or plot shield) are plot devices in films and television shows that prevent important characters from dying or being seriously injured at dramatically inconvenient moments. It often denotes a situation in which it strains credibility to believe that the character would survive.
"The art is nice, but the concept is obviously pretty stupid. Hell, just the fact that they're using the most broken character with plot armor as thick as fangirls' raging hardons for him, from Naruto, against someone who was shown to only be a mediocre bender at the beginning of the series (the form of Zuko used here) should tell you something."

--Anonymous, from 4chan's /co/ board, describing a Deviantart comic depicting Naruto's Sasuke fighting Avatar's Zuko.
by Zootsutra April 23, 2008
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How did Armin live being burnt by Bertholdt? I do like Armin but still, rigged-ass plot armor right there
by BlissRina March 14, 2021
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It is when you shoot AP shell that contains 10kg of explosive and it only destroys tracks of a light tank in War Thunder.
"Dude, I hate this game, that HE shell used to concrete bunkers, but he only got his machine gun broken! What a plot armor."
by skysmeller June 22, 2022
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A term used in Rizzology meaning : to successfully complete a mission or a goal with a girl by a underlying factor that stands to peak her interest in y’all advancing
Fam, me and her both capricorns she almost love off that alone , that plot armor came in handy
by Mr Freakahoe September 10, 2022
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