Avatarism is an inquiry into the nature of character itself, an open source game/philosophy of conscious character creation and a worldwide humanistic movement. Created by Alexander Polinsky actor/artist/musician and the Reverend of Full Circle Venice. Avatarism is not a new idea, we have been embodying archetypes and animals and gods and goddessess for millennia. Among the ideas expressed in Avatarism are collecting skills, creating your character in the real world and building confidence through focused play. The three main tenants in Avatarism are Embody, Uplevel and Uphold. More info Avatarism.net
Avatarism is an open source game/philosophy of conscious character creation.
by Papercross March 18, 2016
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Master of all four elements; Water, Earth, Fire and Air. When the Avatar dies, he/she is reincarnated into the next element of the cycle.
Aang, 'The Last Airbender' was the Avatar, and was born to the Air Nomads. When he died, the next Avatar, Korra was born into the Southern Water Tribe.
by This is all in your head... October 29, 2013
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A long ass movie that was basically Pocahontas played by Halo characters.
"What did you think of Avatar?"

"It was 3 hours of predictable Pocahontas/Halo garbage."
by Clint Bubbles January 13, 2010
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A 2009 movie by James Cameron that is basically Pocahontas dipped in blue paint and exposed to enough radiation to make them grow 10 feet tall and ride dragon-birds, space llamas, and listen to the "flying jellyfish".
"Hey have you ever seen Pocahontas?"

"oh you mean Avatar, the movie with that giant blue girl who falls in love with a human and worships trees?"
by The River Wolf February 12, 2010
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One who has power over the 4 elements of life. Water, Earth, Fire, Air/wind.
by kyoko May 3, 2005
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When a tall, thin black girl stares at her smartphone in a dark place such as a movie theater or bar, bathing her face in a blue glow.
Check out that chick at the other table, she's avatarring!
by Dan Riley July 4, 2011
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An awesome show on Nickelodeon that includes the manifestation and controlling of the four elements (water, earth, fire and air) The Avatar is the only one who can control all four. The show is an awesome show that combines comedy with drama and awesome storytelling.
Will: "Hey did you see Avatar on Friday?"
Abby: "Yeah, that was funny with the whole 'Sokka's Boomerang' bit"
by RandomAvatarFan June 16, 2008
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