A euthamism for sexual acts.
"Where are Chris and Will?"

"They're 'playing tennis' at the moment"

by spaceshipable April 18, 2010
code phrase used for smoking weed. used so that people will not know you're actually smoking weed
Example 1:

Person 1: "Yo bro, we playing tennis later?"
Person 2: "Yeah i'll let you know when"

Example 2:
Person 1: "If you're not busy lets play tennis later"
Person 2: "Yeah i'll hit you up"
by tennisplayer123 October 16, 2017
the act of making out and/or messing around with a lesbian in a tennis court.
"Hey Courtney! Lets go play some tennis!"

"Man, i really wanna play some tennis right now. ;"

"I was playing tennis with Sarah last night, and i think i'll play some more tonight."
by quarterz September 25, 2009
two guys take a girl each, then all four of them enter a room, each guy takes a girl from behind on opposite sides of the room (like a tennis court), they proceed to ram the girl hard enough for them to moan, they ram their girls back and forth in an opposite fashion, this simulates two females playing tennis (in tennis, when a female hits the ball, she lets out a distinguishable moan)
"Tommy, me and you were totally playing tennis with those two girls last night. We blew them out of the water."
by CheesyAP February 5, 2010
it's means sex. No emotions. Like friends with benefits. No relationship, no emotions, just sex
"Jimin, let's play tennis...."
by babygirl_daddy December 5, 2019