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-to put your guy friends above female friends and even your girlfriend. This means; No ditching, flaking, snitching, or trying to steal his girlfriend.
Guy - Dude, are you coming to the game with us?
Other Guy - I can't, I'm taking my girlfriend shopping
Guy - Bros b4 Hoes
Other Guy - Ok, I'll call her and cancel


Guy - I was completely wasted last night and cheated on my girlfriend
Other Guy - Dude, not cool. I'm gonna tell her
Guy - C'mon, Bros b4 Hoes
Other Guy - Or I won't tell her
by Gangsta Gangsta December 26, 2006
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Male friends are more important than stupid female friends.
James's girlfriend wanted him to go to the movies with her, but JamesΒ΄s male friends told him "bros b4 hos!" and James went to the bar for drinking with his male buddies
by niggapleasemore October 04, 2008
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