1. To be served on a platter
2. To have been fully destroyed in an argument by a devastating comeback
"You got totally plattered when he called your mama a biaaatch! ZING!"
by Pat February 12, 2005
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A mixture of chicken, lamb, rice, pita that is served on 6th and 53rd in manhattan with EXTRA EXTRA white sauce and a bit of hot saucee. U GUYS GOTA TRY IT 8-)
by ensaaaaane April 20, 2006
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A carefully constructed pub snack/meal consisting of crisps of varied flavours, nuts, again of varied flavours and the vital ingredient pig snack.
A "platter" cannot be just thrown onto a table, it must have a base of at least two crisp packets opened out along their seal and then the ingredients can be scattered in layers on to said base.
The "platter" cannot be eaten in any old way it is only to be consumed using the largest flatest crisp as a "Scoop/edible eating instrument"
The "platter" when almost fully consumed will leave behind a tasty "platterdust" which is usually eaten on a first come first served basis *Tip* Be quick in claming the platterdust for a tasty reward :)
Once the "platter" has ended the crisp packet base must be folded into a neat little triangle (You will find that only one of your friends can do this really well)for easy disposal by the bar staff.

While pointing at the bar snacks........
"I'll have one one of everything you've got love, and two pig snacks, I'm building a platter"
by Entyson June 27, 2006
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DJ Fresh wuz spinnin' tha platters last night.
by Havox September 1, 2003
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A Person Who Has Exceeded The Limit Of Sexual Intercourse , As In Did Too Many Sexual Things With Too Many People .
Say You Have A Platter ( Whatever Food ) , You Bring It Into A Room And Everybody Gone Want Parts . Pretend The G I R L / B O Y Is The Platter . Everybody Gone Get Parts .
by Philly Words . December 9, 2010
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A drunken prank of knowingly shitting on one's toilet lid to be discovered later by a unsuspecting person. Usually done at a friends house you just don't give a fuck about or at a random house party. Basically one upping the Upper Deck.
Dude go check out the platter I just left in the bathroom, grab your shit let's get out of here .
Who the fuck left the platter in my bathroom, I went to take a piss and all I see is a shit mound on the toilet lid.
by 9 1/2 Limp, magine dat!!! December 17, 2010
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