Acronym for Greatest Of Tits and Ass g.o.t.a.

Chicks that have GOTA just drip sexy - they got hot ass AND tits.
"I so need to tap Magen? - she's GOTA!"
by Streigh June 25, 2009
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GOTA is an acronym for:
Greatest Of Them All.

GOTA is also a reference to an elite group of peeps from the HPS who often "GOTA lunch".
HPS GOTAs rock the free world!
by girl gota April 15, 2011
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You see a guy hanging with a girl for years but they have not started dating.

Guy: Fuck you
by GOMLSooy June 18, 2011
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An abbreviation from a General Of The Army - US military rank, a five star general. Also abbreviated as GA.
A GOTA only be appointed through a stringent process of nomination and review by multiple offices and promotion boards.
The government has appointed a new GOTA right after the retirement of the former one.
by DIOdiod February 20, 2018
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A word for a ignorant cunt who comes into power and steals money from the pearl of the Indian ocean Sri Lanka. the family of this word rots in hell and get locked up
Gota go home Sri Lanka doesn't need you
by Gotabaya rajapaksa April 13, 2022
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Slang for "go to". Derived from drunk slurs.
"Hey man, we fittin'' to gota Steak and Shake. You want some cheese fries?"
by Jared Seagull August 12, 2006
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Going into a full on dictator mode, at which point you do not listen to reason anymore.
Bada, the forum admin, was so tired of some members' shenanigans he went into full on Gota Mode and banned all of them.
by Hcas April 4, 2022
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