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A dance to show your fellow humans that you are partaking in a life of wrongdoing.
Mushroom dance, mushroom dance
Whatever could it mean?.....

~It MeAnS yOu'Ve LiVeD a LiFe Of SiN~
by CoolGayBean August 20, 2020
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the most amazing guy, he may seem intimidating at first but once you get to know him he's the most loyal friend you'll ever have. he thinks he's weird and not worthy of love, but he's so amazing and my favorite person in the world. If you happen to befriend him you should count yourself lucky.
"I'm legit the luckiest person on earth to be able to call parker my husbando and be his spousu"
by CoolGayBean August 17, 2020
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when you're in a relationship with someone but you don't have any "love" feelings for each other.
me: "parker and I are in a platonic relationship"
person: "so...... you're friends?"
me: "no we're in a relationship, it's the same as a "normal" romantic relationship, just with fewer feelings. Our attraction is somewhere in between friendship feelings and love feelings."

Another term for a platonic relationship is a queerplatonic relationship.
by CoolGayBean August 13, 2020
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Cats are real life gremlin bois who deserve all your love and cuddles
i love my little gremlin *points to confused cat*

by CoolGayBean April 11, 2021
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a gender-neutral term for waifu or husbando.
"Skyler is parkers spousu"
"whats a spousu?"
"Skyler's non-binary so instead of calling them his waifu they're his spousu"
by CoolGayBean August 17, 2020
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