A relationship that exceeds what is usually considered as a platonic relationship, in which two or more people have a strong emotional bond, but do not experience romantic attraction. They may hold hands, cuddle, kiss, have sex, etc. or may not. The limits are defined by someone and their zucchini or zucchinis, and them alone. Many people on the asexual or aromantic spectrum are in queerplatonic relationships, also called QPRs.
Note: People do not have to be queer to be in a queerplatonic relationship, which is why it is also called a quasiplatonic relationship.
Person 1: Are you and Sandra dating? You seem really affectionate.
Person 2: Not really. I'm aromantic, and so is Sandra. We're in a queerplatonic relationship.
by fish-prinx April 01, 2016
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A platonic relationship exceeding traditional ideas of friendship. Queerplatonic partners may love eachother the way others love their boyfriend or girlfriend but they do not experience sexual or romantic attraction to eachother.
Bro1: hey are Ted and Suzie going out? They're always hanging out together
Bro2: nah
Bro1: oh so they're just friends then?
Bro2: nah, they're more than that they said they're in a 'queerplatonic relationship' - they have serious friend-love,bro!
by Rex Aceheart March 02, 2014
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