When a girl has a big ass
Friend 1: did you just see shortie walk past?

Friend 2: no, I didn't, why?

Friend 1: look!! Look at her!

Friend 2: damn! She holding!!
by Magician man March 23, 2014
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It is a phrase used mainly in Ireland, that means this particular woman cant keep a secret, especially when she is drunk.
Guy 1:Did you here what she said about Sean last night?

Guy 2: Sure you know that after a few beers she can't hold her piss.
by GERDAN FANTANA May 15, 2011
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Mommy’s-drunk-but-she’s-holding-it-together. (Does anyone have a cheeseburger?)
by Fijjuggsgjijhhyggggg-about it January 05, 2020
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When a guy calls hold, none of his guy friends can take her ... Very similar to dibs, a guy can only call one hold at a time. It’s the girl he’s trying to get with or has...
Bro shes my hold back off.”
by caleb leduc February 13, 2018
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