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Getting a guy/girl to notice you and hopefully blossom into something more.
Check out that girl, I'm going over to plant the seed. I'll say hi and compliment her car.
by david kablaitis June 03, 2005
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the flossiest move one can drop or do. It often occurs when the dropper of the seed is out of his or her dome.

To plant the seed means to

1) plant a male seed (a colony of sperm) into the female counterpart.

2) to drop a flossy move on a girl to show you are interested in her. AKA to start a relationship without any commitment.
Dude - i think I am going to plant the seed...I told her to text me....


I heard Jim planted the seed with his swizzle stick last night....Better look into plan B jim....
by agritarianfarmer May 02, 2011
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The seed has been planted when a well-planned, much-needed night in is mentally rejected.

The seed is usually planted on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If the bad influencer has succeeded in persuading the group to 'sack off' their responsibilities, i.e. lectures, deadlines, group meetings, one may exclaim 'The seed has grown into a tree'
Anna: So, tomorrow we reconvene at my house for an all-day no distraction group meeting!
Laura: I want to go to Oceana to seek out some Spice Boys
Tash: It's already grown into a tree, don't fight it.
by Afrothump November 15, 2010
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