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The mos beautiful person in the world. Often referred to as a Goddess. Has eyes that one can easily get lost in. A great friend that cares about people and makes the world a better place. Easy to love too.usually gives people boners and she is a nice and loyal friend.
she drives me crazy, shes such an oceana
by Mattyyyy343 June 09, 2014
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The greatest friend anyone could ever have. She's strong and defensive, but is kind and caring too. Oceana is beautiful in the way that few people notice anymore. She gives the best advice and is always there to listen and be a shoulder to cry on . Intelligent and funny as hell, Oceana is amazing. Nicknames for her are Oshi, Oce, and Ocean.
Dude have you met Oceana? I think I'm in love...
by Luna Rubee December 19, 2016
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A band from Tampa. They make awesome music. They mostly scream, but it isn't so hardcore that it makes your brain hurt. The Tide is a great album by them. A lot of their stuff is led by a lot of lead guitar medium speed picking riffs throughout a lot of the song. Great to listen to at any time!
"What is your favorite band?"
by Rockstar Nick March 03, 2009
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Oceana is a beautiful girl, often shy but when you get to know her she's an amazing girl. She's really hot and so short and adorable. She's loved by many people and has a caring heart. She loves to cuddle and somewhat freaky on the inside. Oceana is also very creative and amazing at art. They may also go by Oce.
Have you met Oceana? She's perfect.
by Fallurjadeee June 16, 2018
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Also known as slagland. Girls of 10 wearing orange foundation and dresses just covering their bumbum's go here for a good old night out.
'oiii, man you wanna go ignite tonight?'
'naaa mayne, ignite's shit i'm jammin up oceana init'
by mofoka_x March 23, 2009
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