plamp (n.) (combination of the words, "plant" and "lamp") (adj. plampy) (adv. Plamply/plampily) (v. plamping, to plamp) (sentence {v}: plamp it up!)


1) a meme word referring to the vibes of a DJ livestream ascertaining to the presence of PLants + lava lAMPs, a noticeable recurring theme for online DJ sets.

2) The general vibes of watching a livestream from quarantine, often while partying at home, stemming from the recurring presence of plants & lamps on DJ livestreams.

Often used in a standalone fashion in a chatroom or comment but usually accompanied by emojis, exclamation marks & substituted for other words in phrases, lyrics or sentences.

Note that neither plants nor lamps need to necessarily be both present nor at all for the general vibes of plamping to be felt. Pants are discouraged and are often cited as being a part of the plamping vibes and definition although not mandatory or necessary for plamping to commence.

Plamp was 1st coined on Truthmusic's Twitch channel on Saturday during the 1st livestream weekend of quarantine 2020 on the radio show Dark, Deep & Dangerous.
TOKiMONSTA had big plamp vibes during her lit livestream DJ set on Digital Mirage.
by CX7_ChrisOC April 17, 2020
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no pants + lava lamp + plants
Lava lamp + plants - pants
It's simple science
We're having a full on plamp session during Dextox's live stream. Zoom in!
by zen7th March 30, 2020
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To forcefully create a new orifice for the purpose of sexual intercourse.
Go plamp yourself.
by UMM. December 14, 2003
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Pandemic Life and Music Party

Can also be used as a verb (example: PLAMPing), meaning the act of dancing, raging, sitting, etc. in your quarantine cave while live-streaming DJ sets and musical performances by your favorite artists.
Chaz: Yooooo bro... whatchu up to this weekend??
Robby: PLAMPing hard bro. LFG bro. White claws all day broooooo.
Chaz: Yes, broooooooooooo.
by GragnolaBar April 26, 2020
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A Bulgarian expatriate living in Barcelona, Spain who hates Rumanicites (Romanians), can't stand dancing, and has a serious beef with Telefonica.
by Skizot January 31, 2005
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This word did the rounds at many secondary schools in England during the early 2000's.
It is a derogatory word used to describe an idiot. It is a mixture of 2 words: pleb - commoner/moron and lamp - to hit. It means that someone is an idiot/commoner that you want to hit
You're such a plamp
by Crafty Butcher May 19, 2009
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To have sex with a female (esp. one with whom the male is not in a relationship).
Dude, plamp that bitch.

Dude, I plamped my homecoming date all night long at the afterparty.

Dude, I was totally plampin this chick when my great uncle walked in.

(NOTE: the present participle form is spelled "plampin," rather than the traditional "plamping.")
by Oliver Fraumwell October 6, 2009
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