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A celebratory phrase used to share enthusiasm for an impending event. While staying appropriate for the general public, this exclamation can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. Made famous by the Birch tree, the party animal of the botanical kingdom. This phrase, in written text, is typically accompanied by the round tree emoji on the Apple iPhone.
Make sure to wear your dazzling hickie-hider to the Turtlenexx & Boxed Wine party tonight! Cheers, Birches.
by GragnolaBar December 16, 2017
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Attempting a fancier male gel-driven hair look by raking your hair up and subsequently quickly backwards toward the back of the head.

A swift move to attract the ladies.
Girl 1: I don’t want to admit it but that guy just did the pop shove across the bar and im diggin it.
Girl 2: sounds like you wanna pop shove it up on his...
by GragnolaBar May 12, 2019
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When you like to watch movies and cuddle with a scanadinavian.

Derived from Sunday Dec. 3, 2017 trivia question stating "There's no exact English translation for which Danish word and concept that combines coziness, warmth, intimacy, and quality time?"

The answer: Nöt Flöx N Chöl (pronounced "noot floox n chool").
Guy One: Check out this hot blonde from sweden...
Guy Two: You gonna ask her to NootFloox n Chool?
Guy One: Chyeahhhh bruddah!
by GragnolaBar December 14, 2017
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Pandemic Life and Music Party

Can also be used as a verb (example: PLAMPing), meaning the act of dancing, raging, sitting, etc. in your quarantine cave while live-streaming DJ sets and musical performances by your favorite artists.
Chaz: Yooooo bro... whatchu up to this weekend??
Robby: PLAMPing hard bro. LFG bro. White claws all day broooooo.
Chaz: Yes, broooooooooooo.
by GragnolaBar April 26, 2020
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