(n.) A pimp with a few z's in the middle, you dumbass hoe. A pizzimp (or "pizzamp") refers to one who distributes prostitutes, or "hoes", amongst the masses for a fee. The term has also grown to include those who are simply "playalistic" (see term); these pizzimps need not necessarily distribute hoes, as they are simply pimp from birth. See also: Playa, player, nigga-wit-a-pimp-cane, pimp, Mr. Happiness, Gary Mar, Ian Racoma, and Paulito Calientico. NOTE: Can also be used as an adjective (see second example sentence).
1 (n.). Dizzamn, nigga, Mr. Happiness is a PIZZIMP!!
2. (adj.). Dizzamn, nigga, Mr. Happiness is PIZZIMP!! (no article before "pizzimp".)
by Paulito Calientico August 13, 2003
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Damn,Ponyboy, you are the pizzimps of all pizzimps. I would sure like to sex your body
by Ponyboy August 3, 2003
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another word for pimp in a differnt language me and shawn christ made up
woa that is pizzimp( the Nickle)
by Mike cable December 7, 2004
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pimped out, izzle language mixed with pimped out
hey dogg u lookin pizzimped
by Geeps shady January 8, 2005
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